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MEMORY (041) (CD Only)

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We all sometimes have problems with remembering. Sometimes life becomes so stressful and full of “activity” that the brain just can’t handle the information overload. When this happens, think of it as if your brain is trying to tell you to take a few steps back and reassess situations and circumstances. This program is designed to give you a relaxed state of mind while dissolving all blocks to memory. Helping you to make connections with other memories already deep in your mind. Our minds are a vast storehouse of knowledge and experiences which can be tapped by the affirmations contained in this program.

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That's right - all of these self improvement programs were sold on national TV helping millions of self-caring people improve their lives. These programs originally sold for $35 to $49 dollars each and now through this special Internet offer you can save up to 50% off on your selections.
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