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Using our subliminal programs is almost an effortless process. It is not necessary to LISTEN to the programs, mere exposure to them is all that is necessary as the conscious mind is unable to perceive or understand what is being said. You will not be CONSCIOUSLY participating in the programming process even if you listen intently. Instead, you should implement an automatic process of as much exposure as possible to the sound of the ocean waves as you carry on your life in a normal fashion. You derive full and complete benefit from the programs by simply allowing them to play, at a volume which can be heard but is not distracting, during your normal daily activities, such as working, talking, listening to music, watching television, etc.

The most critical factor is the amount of time the program is allowed to perform the subconscious programming process. The amount of exposure time necessary for the desired results varies from program to program and from individual to individual. It is, however, recommended that a minimum exposure of twenty to twenty-five hours be allowed for each program to achieve measurable results. It is recommended that a cassette player is purchased which has the AUTO REVERSE feature. We make this recommendation primarily because you will usually be unaware of the tape stopping if a standard AUTO STOP type of player is utilized. If your program is on CD - then simply use your CD player's repeat function on track two.

Ideal situations include the playing of the programs at work during the day. This is especially effective for persons who perform their daily tasks in a relatively confined area such as an office or desk. These people should make it a habit to turn the machine on the first thing in the morning and then should "forget about it" and let it play all day. The volume should be sufficient to hear the ocean waves, but need not be loud enough to constitute a distraction for the user or any co-workers.

It is not recommended that the programs be played in an automobile while driving. While the programs will not be distracting, the sound of the ocean waves for some people, causes drowsiness. For this reason, you should at least examine the conscious effect the programs have on you before considering use in your automobile.

Allowing a subliminal program to play during sleeptime will provide at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours of very effective programming.

Because the subconscious mind has the ability to perceive and retain millions of bits of information per second, for some individuals the simultaneous use of more than one program are highly effective. If, for instance, you wish to engage in the programming process using three different programs, you may listen to them all at one time by using three tape players or CD players. Each user can determine by experimentation whether more than one program at a time is the most effective way to proceed.

The subconscious mind has the ability to perceive and retain millions of bits of information per second.

Many times a person will notice a major change in personality, preferences, characteristics, or ability and not relate the change to subliminal program exposure. You should, therefore, be advised that the changes that will take place in your behavior will many times not "feel" as though something from the outside was responsible. Because the programs affect the innermost regions of the subconscious mind, the behavioral modifications seem to be the result of inner feelings and motivations. The weight loss program, for instance, contains affirmations dealing with self-image, self-confidence, and other aspects of a healthy and complete individual. In many cases, a person who has had constant exposure to the weight loss program will find themselves with new abilities and confidence, which have nothing to do with eating or weight loss. It is also important that the user doesn't place limitations or time restraints on the expected results from the program. The subconscious acts as an enabling device, moving continually toward the accomplishment of what it perceives to be desired goals. If the user expects too little, or expects results too fast, the subconscious may decide that the job is completed prematurely or, in some instances, may stop working towards the desired goal, because the time frame that is allowed is too short for its accomplishment.

You should also "help" the process by consciously expecting a great deal of benefit from exposure to the programs while not limiting the period of time allowed for the desired results. In instances where the program appears to be working slowly, or not at all, the user should remember that there are years of negative programming which must be overcome, and, in these instances, more time should be allowed and the programs should be played more often and for longer periods of time.

There are for some people, periods of time that the improvement process seems to have "leveled off", and they feel, even though they may have received tremendous benefit initially, that the programs are no longer affecting them. This is not the case and this person should continue exposure to the programs until a "breakthrough" occurs and additional results are noticed. These situations occur for several reasons, including failure to notice subtle changes in seemingly unrelated behavior which must occur before effects can be seen in the exact area of the program.

It is not necessary to listen to the programs as they play. Mere exposure to them during normal, everyday activities is sufficient for the reprogramming process to be effective!

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